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We began our work to provide support for individuals who had lost a loved one in the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to their grief, these mourners had to contend with all of the stressors associated with the pandemic. Because few mental health services were available, we began to search for Internet resources that could help fill this gap.

We searched for resources to help bereaved people manage their painful emotions, build resilience, and improve their mental health and well-being. We also searched for information that would facilitate self-compassion and self-care to empower those who are grieving. We selected the best of these resources and combined them into this comprehensive guide.

We recognized that this compendium of resources could benefit anyone who is grieving, not just those who are suffering a loss from COVID-19.  So, over time, we broadened our content to include other kinds of losses.

We also thought it would be valuable to include information on how to support the bereaved.  Research has shown that one of the most important resources in dealing with the loss of a loved one is receiving support from others. Yet many people are reluctant to reach out to the bereaved because they do not know what to say or do. We placed a special emphasis on obtaining articles on how to provide effective support.